Vigil Cuatro AAD

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Like any other AAD on the market, the purpose of the Vigil® is to save lives.

Overall advantages:

Multi Mode
Novice, expert or tandem – all-in-one device.
Schools and centers: the versatility of the 3 modes = cost effective.
Water Resistance

Performs a self-check at every start-up.
Life Expectancy

Max. 20 years life expectancy.
Memory Features

Logbook with total number of jumps, overall free fall time, last free fall time, max speed of the last free fall, number of saves, atmospheric pressure, temperature…
Information accessible through LCD.
Black box function

Vigil retains last 16 minutes of freefall and creates 16 graphs containing all jump information that can be downloaded through an Infra Red download box.
User Friendly

Alpha numeric display for ease of use and communication.
Cutter & controller are field-replaceable.

A competitive price and a low cost of ownership.