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Gravity Gear was started in 1995 by Bonnie Dutile. That's me. During my first year in the fine sport of skydiving, I was laid up for a few months due to an injury. The company I was working for wasn't pleased with this at all. Lying in bed I decided I was going to quit my day job as a Computer System Administrator/Accountant to skydive full time. Considering the fact that I was a 100 jump wonder, and jumping for a living was not feasible yet, I decided I would draw a few pictures, put them on T-Shirts and hit the road. I sold T-shirts on the Boogie Circuit for a few years. These were some of the craziest years of my life that's for sure. In between my great adventures, I was able to compete on the Sirens 4-way team and get my rating as an AFF Jumpmaster (Accelerated Freefall Instructor) my second year in the sport.

It has been my passion to help make new skydivers. It is most pleasing to watch their accomplishments in the sport. I make an effort to teach what I've learned through my trials and errors in the sport, so the same mistakes are not repeated. After managing the Pro-Shop at Bay Area Skydiving, I found my place in the sport of skydiving.  Consulting and selling Skydiving Gear.

After careful consideration of where to call home, I opened my first (beer) gear store at Skydive Lake Tahoe and here on the web in the summer of 2000. A year later, I opened a second store at Bay Area Skydiving, my "forever" home drop zone. Unfortunately Skydive Lake Tahoe in its original state is now a legend. So Gravity Gear operated full time out at Bay Area Skydiving for five more years until opportunity came knocking once more.

On July 5th, 2006, we opened the doors of our Skydive San Diego location.  This venue has proven to be just the boost that Gravity Gear needed. With the great weather, wonderful airplanes and amazing skydiving friends here, Gravity Gear is rockin' it and loving every minute! With Tactical Air Operations next door, we are also proud to serve the US Navy and our Military friends.  We sell a full range of modern skydiving equipment, as well as BASE Gear, Outdoor Sports equipment and other Aerial Sports equipment.

May 1st, 2010 I took on a part time sales clerk by the name of Ashley Humphries.  Little did I know that I was hiring the most loyal, reliable associate a girl could ever hope for!  Since that day, Ashley and I have celebrated many triumphs and overcome many defeats.  To say that we have been through hell and high water together would a gross understatement.   Today we enjoy being business partners and take a vested interest in helping each other identify and attain our life dreams.

What can I say? "It's been one hell of a ride, and it keeps getting better!"

A million thanks to all of my friends and family, aka customers for allowing us to live our dream!

Respect and Blue Skies!

- Bonnie


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Gravity Gear dedicates their expertise and research to provide aerial and outdoor sports enthusiast with high end gear. Safety and education are our number one priority.

Feel free to text or call us at (619)216-6073

Send an email to teamgravitygear@gmail.com

Visit us on site at Skydive San Diego - 13531 Otay Lakes Road - Jamul CA 91935

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