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The SUMO 2 builds on the success of the original SUMO, incorporating feedback from our team pilots and customers. Whether your tracking mission is to develop wingsuit skills or to progress in the BASE environment, the SUMO 2 is the answer. This new design is ideal for entry level trackers or for experienced trackers who prefer a two-piece suit. If you are an experienced tracker looking for the maximum in range and glide, we recommend theSAUSAGE.


The SUMO 2 is a direct evolution of its predecessor. It features similar overall volume, but we have refined the aerodynamics for reduced drag by changing the inlet shape and positioning, and optimizing the location of the leg wing thickness. A new inlet design yields less drag, more efficient air-input, and makes the suit back-fly and free-fly capable.


Thanks to a slicker and more agile feel, the SUMO 2 is easier to control in steeper track angles and is overall a more forgiving yet higher performance design. Jumpers with SUMO experience will instantly notice that the SUMO 2 settles into a naturally steeper and more efficient angle, and is easier to transition from flat to steep AoAs.


The Squirrel No-Wobble System has been carried forward from the original SUMO, as it has proven to provide a level of precision that set the SUMO apart from other two piece designs. The NWS is optional, but, when used, gives a compact and precise feel in tracking maneuvers.


Overall, the SUMO 2 provides what we think is the ultimate balance between volume and stability, and is the perfect choice for a first tracking suit. The SUMO 2 is built to the same high standard that has made Squirrel wingsuits the benchmark for quality in our sport.

  • Force Feed


    In tracking as in life, the power is in your pants. The SUMO 2 pants are powered by an array of mylar-reinforced inlets which rapidly inflate and maintain pressure inside the suit.

  • Quick Starts


    The SUMO 2’s new bi-directional arm inlets provide rapid inflation and feed the suit at all angles of attack.



    The Sumo pant inlets have been optimized to reduce drag while maintaining solid internal pressurization. All inlets are reinforced with Dimension Polyant Carbon/Graphite tri-laminate. Smaller leg inlets have increased speed and give the suit a slicker and more agile feel.

  • No-Wobble


    Inside the pants at the knee, we have added a Velcro enclosure which anchors the pants to your leg, reducing pant-leg wobble and increasing control and performance. This is now a proven feature, and gives the suit a more precise and solid feel when maneuvering in high speed tracks.

  • Air-Tight


    The high collar, cinched wrist, and extra-long torso help to reduce leakage and maintain pressure in the jacket.

  • Plenty-Pockets


    Four zipped chest pockets provide plenty of phone / emergency electronics / gear storage, and the jacket is lined with mesh and lycra for comfort and structure.

  • Reinforced


    The knees are heavily reinforced in Cordura, with 5mm of closed cell foam padding for protection and structure. The Cordura panels are now custom color selectable.

  • Toe Tension


    To maximize fit performance, three toe-tension settings are available, using a lightweight and simple buckle/strap adjustment.

  • Zips


    Durable, strong, custom colored 10C YKK zips are used on the closure of jacket and pants.



    The SUMO 2 is built to last, and we stand behind all of our products. We will repair or replace, free of charge, any SUMO 2 that suffers damage as the result of normal use.

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