M2 Mars AAD Expert

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The automatic activation device m2 provides automatic cutting of the closing loop of the reserve parachute in cases where safety of the parachutist is in danger. It is constructed and produced on the basis of latest research focused on parachuting. Its function fully complies with the requirements of current parachuting. Professional design engineers participated in the development and they are also excellent parachutists.

The m2 is available in versions EXPERT, STUDENT or TANDEM. Upon activation, m2 operates fully automatically. The metal parts are made from stainless steel or aluminium alloy. The main features ofm2 are solid structure, flexible cablet, submersion under water during swooping, batery time life 15 years or up to 15,000 jumps, simple operation, acceptable price, and quality service.

The m2 stores the flight record during active use. The device is on sale from June 2011. During this time it was done thousands of jumps with m2. Now there are three known activation m2 unit followed by a reserve parachute opening.

One of the main user benefits of m² Multi is checking and servicing directly by the user/rigger without the necessity of sending it to the manufacturer. The device design with using the best available technology and intelligent software allows us to guarantee the life of the device to the user 15years + 6 months WITHOUT the need to replace the battery. Service interval is 12 months when it is necessary to check the overall mechanical condition of all device components of m² Multi, display remaining battery capacity, lifetime and check the functionality of pressure sensor by displaying of current barometric pressure and its subsequent comparison with other m² Multi, or with an accurate device.