G35 CAMO Full Face Helmet

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For a limited time only, Hydrographic Camouflage Application.

The MultiCam® patterns were developed to provide maximum effectiveness across diverse operating environments with a minimum logistical burden.

Note: The water-transfer-printing process will result in varied pattern, finish, and placement upon helmet components. The finish of your Multicam (R) helmet may differ from another helmet with the same pattern.

What you’ll love about the G35:

-Soft and secure chin support
-Steel spring mechanism (like the G4) with added assembly fail safe
-Optional solid tunnel nylon skid plate, perfect for protecting the helmet when head down on the net
-Optional nylon utility skid plate and cutaway handle turns your G35 into a GoPro helmet solution. This GoPro mount works with the Cookie roller mount range and allows the user both emergency cutaway functionality as well as a lightning fast way to attach and remove your camera.
-High-quality visor optics in clear, tint and mirrored colors
-Deep internal audible pockets
-Choice of colors with the ability to further customize using aluminium side plates, top plates and visor options