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After four years of development, the FlySight 2 is on its way.  Please allow 1-2 weeks lead time for order fulfillment.

FlySight 2 is a complete redesign, building on all the things we learned with FlySight 1. There are a few new features that really stand out:

  • More powerful processor with Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Real-time audible feedback using tones and speecH
  • Review of data after the jump using the same applications you've used with FlySight 1
  • Improved audio quality
  • Additional sensors (acceleration, rotation, orientation, pressure, humidity, temperature)
  • Water resistant case (IP67)
  • New mounting system
  • USB C

Initially, the functionality of FlySight 2 will be similar to FlySight 1, but as with the original, FlySight will be improving FlySight 2 with free firmware updates. The first priority once they get the hardware out the door will be to work with mobile application developers to build a Bluetooth Low Energy interface to transfer data and configure FlySight 2.

FlySight 2 can log GNSS at a rate of up to 25 Hz, pressure up to 200 Hz, and acceleration and rotation up to 6 kHz. Looking ahead, they will be using this data to provide information about the unit's orientation during a jump, as well as to improve the accuracy of distance measurements over short time spans, e.g., shortly after exit.

Stay tuned for more updates.   FlySight Has tried to keep the interface similar to FlySight 1, so that we can build on existing knowledge within the community. With a couple of pointers, they hope the new hardware will feel familiar to anyone who has used FlySight 1.

Whats in the box?

Included in the box with FlySight 2:

  • FlySight 2
  • FlySight 2 mount
  • USB A to USB C cable
  • Mounting hardware (both VHB tape and screws are included)
  • FlySight bottle opener for releasing FlySight 2 from the mount

Is it compatible with my current mount?

The FlySight 2 has the same footprint as the FlySight 1, so it is compatible with the FlySight 1 aluminum mounts as well as the Cookie FlySight mount. However, it is not compatible with mounts like the one from Adrenaline Workshop, which enclose the entire unit, as the new case is a little taller on one end than the old one.

The new FlySight 2 Mount is not compatible with FlySight 1 units. The FlySight 2 slides onto posts at the front of the new mount, then rotates down and clicks into place at the back like a ski boot. The FlySight 2 is released by pulling back on the tab, either by hand or using the included tool.

The curve on the bottom of the FlySight 2 mounts is the same as the original FlySight 110/110 mounts, which should fit most helmets. Unfortunately, it was not possible to produce this new mount with several different curvatures, but the manufacturer is looking into 3D printed spacers to adapt the mount for helmets with different shapes.