Cypres 2 AAD

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SKU: Cypres 2 Expert 1 Pin-1

Cypres 2 Expert 1 Pin is used on the majority of sport skydiving harness containers.  The parameters are set for experienced skydivers that are off student status.  If you have a Racer Container system, you will need a 2-Pin.  If you fly a high performance parachute exceeding 70 MPH in your turn above 500 feet, you may want to consider a Cypres Speed. 

Note:  Current lead time is 1 week for Expert and C-Mode.  For Speed Cypres, allow 6 weeks lead time.

Standard Settings:

Activation speed: approx. >78 mph (35 m/s)
Activation altitude: approx. 750 feet  (225 meters)

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