Parachutes - Jyro Mains

NZ Aerosports.  Icarus Canopies.  NOW JYRO!

JYRO is the next generation of NZ Aerosports. It honours the founder, Paul ‘Jyro’ Martyn, of course, because it was the name we all knew him by. But JYRO also marks the start of a new chapter. The next jump.

When they decided to change their name to JYRO they put some time into figuring out what it meant to them – they wanted it to represent the duality of life in the air, the contrast of Jyro’s unique personality, and their view on the world. The rush, and the peace. The scientific, and the creative. This is what they came up with:

JYRO is the space between sound and silence, art and science, chaos and calm. JYRO is a state of epic tranquillity that transcends understanding. It’s that moment – in the door, in freefall, mid-swoop – where nothing but the present exists: a perfect balance of euphoria and thrill.