Skydiving Rig Brokerage

Buying and selling used gear can be a daunting task.  How can you ensure you won't be ripped off?  How do you know it will fit?  Is this equipment appropriate for you?  Is this a good deal?  We are here to help with all of that.  We are here to simplify the process of used skydiving gear brokerage.  But we are not just limited to skydiving gear!  We will consider any modern equipment related to aerial sports such as BASE Jumping, Speedflying, Ground Launching, Paragliding and more.

Buyers, we will pre-qualify the sale with you to make sure the equipment is a good fit for you.  We secure your funds for the seller until you receive the equipment and check specs and fit are as advertised.

Sellers, we make sure you will get paid for the goods you send to a buyer or have us ship for you.

Win. Win.


Gravity Gear is an acting broker and cannot transfer ownership or use of the item to the buyer without consent and agreement of sale on the part of the owner. Gravity Gear does not have power to cause title to any property that we broker to be transferred to a third person without any further action on the part of its owner.

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Brokerage Mirage G4
$ 1,800.00
Brokerage Infinity
$ 1,500.00

17 results

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