UPT Vector3 Micron

$ 2,693.00
SKU: UPT Vector3 Micron

Vector3 Micron

This is a custom built product and requires a personal gear consultation.  Please call or text us at 619-216-6073, or hit the message button below.

Rig Styles
Rig Style: Standard

Largest color options

Rig Style: V-Split

2 colors

Rig Style: Tripple V-Split

Triple V-Split
3 colors

Rig Style: Half & Half

Half & Half
2 colors

Rig Style: Diagonal

2 colors

Rig Style: Lighting

2 colors

Rig Style: Lighting Split

Lighting Split
3 colors

Rig Style: Zig-Zag

2 colors

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