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Vampire Sukhoi ’21


The SU ’21 is the follow up in the successful Vampire line. The suit features a unique rigid, 3D shaped leading edge, redesigned booties and fins, formed with a special low drag profile, enhancing manoeuvrability. The special inlet hole creates an improved lateral stability that allows for sharp carving turns, flying the suit like its on tracks. The suit has a fine tuned balance, optimized for glide and speed.

This years biggest changes are revolved around a tighter fit and redesigned inner leg and body panels allowing even more precise control. Definitely something that isn’t visible to an untrained  eye and needs to be tried to appreciate. What is visible is the  change in zipper layout and length, allowing for easier gearup and unzipping under canopy. The legwing zipper has been moved upfront which is in terms of ease of use quite a changer for the SU line. The addition of the newly redesigned exclusive Phoenix-Fly Fins, which have been trimmed down and slightly changed angle wise, give the suit a real edge for jumps demanding the highest levels of control with steep banking and carving turns.

Its a suit purpose built for basejumping and proximity flying.

The leading edge has been further refined, but kept with parapak surface to stay wrinkle free on high speed dives and to allow for maximum control. The sleeve is slightly tighter with a  newly 3d shaped performance foam. The PF airlocked ultralight inlet on all wing surfaces which  in our opinion give the perfect balance of safety and performance stay the same. The options of either parapak or ultralight material give up to a 20 %  pressure change, so  the pressure zipper allow for more precise fine tuning of the pressurisation for a completely stress free pull to your liking.

The last years newly designed method for pressurizing the tail deflector stays as is, flap free. The wingroot has been altered in attachment point to allow for better low drag characteristics and handling, without any changes in the actual size of the overall size of the wing, compared to previous models. A change in the design of the inner ribs in the wing optimizes the wing shape to form a cleaner profile.

All the optional storage pouches on the suit  for the more demanding alpine jumps have been redesigned as well. The cargo pocket is slightly bigger while the armwings pockets are not only bigger but placed much higher up towards the armpit to allow for more precise fit around the hips.

Also see our more specific Alpine model for even more tailored climb and fly solutions.

The arm wing and tapered sleeve design allow for a good accessible pull, making it suitable for use with normal BOC deployment. Meaning you can deploy at any speed, angle or dive, with or without a flare.

The SU ’21 is currently the fastest and most agile terrain flying suit we have on the market, and can be found roaming the forests and mountains near you.

Due to the large wing surface area the SU ’21 is not suitable for low experience pilots. We recommend a MINIMUM of 250 wingsuit jumps before trying the SU ’21 and experience on intermediate class suits.