Supair Eiko Light Weight Glider

$ 2,520.00
SKU: Supair Eiko Light Weight Glider-1

Product Description


The Eiko is a perfect expression of Sup’Air’s expertise in lightweight equipment. Thanks to its small packing volume and low weight you will hardly notice it in the rucksack.

Its excellent take-off characteristics and forgiving nature are ideal for the recently qualified “hike and fly” enthusiast or as a second wing for accomplished pilots.

The precise handling and thermalling efficiency allow it to do much more than just float down after a nice walk.

The Eiko offers one of the best ratios between volume/weight/flying weight range in its class and is constructed with the best materials available.

It is EN-B certified across all its weight range.



Accomplished or recently qualified
“Hike and fly” enthusiast
Pilots seeking lightweight equipment

Light risers
“Soft link” maillons
Wingtip cleaning system
“Big ear” risers

Upper surface : Porcher Sport Skytex 32 g/m² (leading edge) and 27 g/m²
Lower surface : Porcher Sport Skytex 27 g/m²
Load-bearing ribs : Dominico 30D hard finish

Unsupported ribs, compression straps :
Dominico 30D hard finish
Reinforcements : Porcher Sport SR 170
Upper lines cascade : Liros
Lower lines cascade : Edelrid

EN 926 – 1 / EN 926 – 2

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