SOL Prymus Four Beginner Glider

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Product Description

The new Prymus Four is destined for newcomers and regular or sporadic pilots who prioritize safety and precision all the time.

It allows to feel the magic of flying, to benefit from thermals and updrafts enhancing step by step your flying skills.

The Prymus Four is a totally new project, presenting a new arched, stable and reliable canopy. The wing is lighter, has less lines, 3 risers, battens reinforcements and a refreshing design.

The Prymus Four is EN / LTF A certified what permits to be used in schools also.


Destaques técnicos no Prymus Four: 

• New generation profiles with maximum stability;
• 15% less weight;
• 20% less lines;
• Lighter fabric;
• Battens Technology;
• New refreshing design and colour combinations;
• Detailed construction in its class;
• 3 slim risers with split A-risers for 'big ears’.

Flight Characteristics

Its higher aspect ratio allows a more precise piloting both to active pilots who like to use the body, as well as to passive pilots who prefer to act using the brakes. This characteristic allows a great performance in weak and strong thermals, while stability is maintained.

• Long and tolerating brake length; 
• Excellent and precise handling; 
• High internal pressure; 
• Stability in full speed; 
• Light reactions in extreme conditions; 
• Good passive safety; 
• Excellent take off characteristics, even in nil wind; 
• Comfortable piloting; 
• Good behaviour in thermals.

Construction Characteristics

The Prymus 4 presents:

· Top and bottom design; 
· 3 Risers; 
· Riser for big ears; 
· Diagonal bands to reduce weight and the number of lines; 
· Reinforcement Battens(BT techology); 
· Opening on the stabilizers to remove dirt; 
· Panels, profiles and parts cut by laser.

The Prymus 4 uses SOL technologies for performance and comfort:  

2D View


Since 1991 SOL has been producing and following the evolution of materials and products. Our experience makes us choose the materials carefully, thus guaranteeing a good stability and a high safety level. All SOL Paragliders are manufactured in our own plant, certified by DHV

Top/Bottom: WTX 40 - 40 g/m2 

Profiles: Pro Nyl 42 g/m2 rip stop covered with poliuretano

Reinforcements: BT techology 

Lines: 1,1 - 1,5 - 2,1 mm Cousin Technora Superaram 

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