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The Safire 3 is the result of five years of research, development and refinement. She is the most modern mainstream all-rounder canopy to hit the market.

She’s not just different. She’s a beginner and intermediate wing that let’s you take advantage of parametric design software and Computational Fluid Dynamics technologies used formerly only in high performance wings. She’s been engineered to fly better. More efficiently. More responsively. Safire pilots will find her completely familiar, but entirely revolutionary.

She has all the things you love about the Safire 2 – great openings, safe predictable flight, a short recovery arc and a smooth flare – and everything else you asked us for.

You wanted the same consistent openings. We made them smoother and more progressive. You wanted to have more range. We made the Safire 3 more efficient and gave you the glide to get back from that long spot. You wanted more fun. We made all her inputs more responsive. You wanted even more flare. We found a balance of more power, without inducing an early stall.

The Safire 3 is perfect for your first canopy or a fun intermediate canopy at slightly higher wingloadings. We recommend loading her between 0.8 and 1.5. She’s available in any size you want, so you can load her exactly what you want. If you’re not sure, ask us.

Loaded lightly she is the vehicle to carry any beginner or even the most nervous canopy pilot to the ground safely, and for the intermediate jumper she will make your flying experience come alive with quick turns and a powerful flare.

If you’re looking for superior opening qualities, outstanding slow flight stability and confidence-inspiring flight, the Safire 3 is your perfect choice. It’s time to take to the sky the way you were meant to – on a 9-cell sports machine that keeps it as real as you do.



Safire 3 Powerband

The powerband on the Safire 3 is made of ZP material and can be any one of our colours. You can choose that colour on the order page that follows the colour picker.

We've added the power band to the Safire3. The power band is not just a stripe.

If you look at this CFD pressure distribution image you will see that almost all of the aerodynamic lift work is done on the upper surface within the first 20% of the leading edge where the powerband is located.

This is a critical area to get right and to maximise. We’re trying to create the most accurate shape we can which is a compound curve out of flat fabric. If you hold a power band up during construction its like an eggshell rather than a pancake.

Also the way we lay the fabric reduces it going out of shape under load. There is a lot of stretch in the fabrics your canopies are made from.

We love it, and we knew it from the beginning of the Safire 3 project, that this would be one of the feature we wanted to transfer from Petra and Leia, despite the added complexity in manufacturing.

It's not everyday that we are given the opportunity to make a product technically better, and make it look cool and different at the same time!