Riggers Test Book

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Integrated Guide To Parachute Rigger Tests for The Modern Rigger Candidate.

This is "The Green Book", by Mark Baur. Many of the same topics are covered in the three FAA rigger tests: written, oral and practical. Now you can study for all three tests at the same time. Each of the 9 lessons in the Green Book has a reading assignment that includes explanations for written test questions and related oral/practical tasks. Review questions at the end of each lesson include all the known questions on the written tests. Answers can be checked against a carefully researched key in the back of the book. The text contains all the tasks in the Parachute Rigger Practical Test Standards (PTS). The lesson on materials includes physical samples (not photos) of common tapes and webbings used in parachute manufacture and repair. FAA regulations for riggers, including a summary of TSO requirements are also included. A must have for every rigger candidate.
Soft cover, spiral bound, 8.5" x 11", 116 pages. Shipping Weight: 1 lb. (455g).

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