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Shadow Edge ’20


The Shadow edge ’20 wingsuit is extensively used by schools, first flight courses, beginner acro pilots and  athletes at the artistic flying wingsuit competitions. It is the obvious choice for premium starter acrobatic-machine, available on the market.

While directly targeting First Flight Courses and  acrobatic flying starters, Shadow ’20 also offers limitless opportunities for pilots interested in flocking, freestyle flying and B.A.S.E. The suit is easy to control during exit and flight, and the gripperless armwing design make for an easy pull.

The discontinued Phoenix-fly Acro wingsuit was the very first true acrobatic wingsuit available on the market, featuring rear inlets for back flying and rw style leg grips for docking.

Our update from the tried and tested Shadow  features refined aerodynamic wing shape and improved inlet design, giving the suit an edge in performance and agility.

The Phoenix-Fly Shadow Edge ’20  is rated for all experience levels and suitable for use in first flight courses.