Ozone Rapido Speed Wing

$ 2,400.00
SKU: Ozone Rapido Speed Wing-1

Product Description

Ozone Rapido Speed Wing (Advanced Pilots Only)

As the sport of speed flying has evolved, pilots have become more skilled and a variety of new sites and terrain are being explored. Ozone has now brought to the arena an advanced wing design that will allow these pilots to push the limits even further. The Rapido will allow steeper carving flights, lower barrel rolls, and longer swoops than ever before. A higher trim speed and wider glide range give the Rapido a much larger acceleration window than a traditional speed wing. Its higher aspect ratio and more agile and dynamic character make it suitable only for experienced speed flying pilots.

Sizes 9, 11 & 13 Meter

Suggested Rating M2 or Equivilant

Only qualified and rated pilots may purchase

Compared to the Fazer 2:

  • Higher top speed
  • Increased trim range
  • Steeper open-trim angle of attack
  • Increased glide performance
  • Greater swoop potential
  • Higher efficiency at flat angles of attack
  • More responsive and dynamic handling
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