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“SuSi Q” stands for “SuSi Quick “, which is what we call the small and lightweight version of SuSi.

The simple design of SuSi offers ideal characteristics for a lightweight wing: there are only 28 profile ribs (which means less fabric and materials) and no diagonals or bands. The weight that we save with this type of construction is invested elsewhere in the wing design, resulting robustness and convenient, easy handling.

SuSi Q is constructed using the ultralight 10D fabric (weighting 25g/m²), but only on the bottom sail. Conversely, the top sail, the primary lines as well as the 12mm wide Kevlar risers are built to last. This makes SuSi Q a very lightweight wing, but leaving her longevity almost uncompromised.


Flying the SuSi Q

Due to the many different sizes (from 14 to 20sqm) and wide range of wing loading, the spectrum of SuSi Q’s behavior varies vastly.

The larger wings with “normal” loading are appropriate for beginning to advanced pilots who want comfort and mellow behavior both in calm linear flow as well as turbulent, thermal conditions.

On the other end of the spectrum are the smallest SuSi Q sizes with more wing loading, resulting in the fast, dynamic feel of a speedflying wing appropriate for only the most experienced pilots.

Naturally, SuSi Q’s safety characteristics depend on the size and loading of the glider. A SuSi Q 20 within the recommended weight range of 60 to   80kg provides excellent passive safety as a beginner or student wing, while the SuSi Q 14 at almost any loading is a very dynamic wing (say in the case of a collapse) and will be appropriate for very experienced pilots only.

As always, NOVA has completed extensive testing for all sizes in turbulent air. The larger SuSi Q sizes were rated for their recommended sizes as full EN A wings in all senses of the description.
With the very small sizes, it is challenging to achieve a fully compliant EN-/LTF flight behavior and rating. But we are convinced, based on the data collected and outcome of testing, that our research and development have brought significant improvement in safety and predictable behavior for these mini or speedflying wings.  Furthermore we believe that the insights we have gained are also of great benefit for the larger SuSi Q sizes as well with respect to furthering flying safety.

Information Regarding Appropriate Wing Loading

The optimal size SuSi Q for YOU depends on the range of application intended for the pilot, as well as a realistic assessment of the pilot skill level.

For example, if you are an occasional pilot and intend to use the wing primarily in weak fall thermals, the SuSi Q 14 would not be appropriate due to it’s dynamic behavior and faster descent rate. Conversely, experienced pilots who intend to fly mostly high-wind coastal soaring sites (say at 45 km/hr winds), should not choose a SuSi Q 20 for obvious reasons!

Generally speaking, for all the student or beginning pilots or those who have very little experience with these mini, dynamic speedflying wings, we recommend that you select one of the larger EN A rated wings with standard sizing and loading for your personal flying growth and safety.

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