Nova Mentor 4 Light

$ 4,550.00
SKU: Nova Mentor 4 Light-1

The MENTOR 4 light is made from lightweight materials which should be handled with care. Whilst the longevity of our gliders is of great importance to us and we use double-coated cloth, it is less durable than a wing made from conventional material.


No mountain is too high, no valley too wide: ultralight, high performing and innovative, the MENTOR 4 light (from 3.25 kg) embodies our passion for light-weight wings. The paraglider is full of sophisticated features which reduce weight and set new finishing standards.

Impressively light. For a fully-fledged cross-country wing, at 3.25kg (XXS) the MENTOR 4 light is extraordinarily light. In comparison to its predecessor, the MENTOR 3 light, the wing weighs between 250g – 400g less (depending on size). In comparison to the MENTOR 4 it is approximately 1.5kg lighter.

One for all. The MENTOR 4 light is ideal for a number of uses: vol bivouac, hike & fly and travellers looking for a fully-fledged wing with little weight. The MENTOR 4 light is an expert in versatility.

Genuine performance. Performance without tricks: the MENTOR 4 light is based on the MENTOR 4, our successful XC wing. In cooperation with NOVA Team pilots including Bernhard Peßl and Chris Bessei, we have optimised the MENTOR concept and have added innovative finishing details like the single seam on the top sail.

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