Nova Ion 3 Light

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The ION 3 light is a fully-fledged ION 3 – but nearly one and a half kilograms lighter. In has the same basic philosophy: the wing offers a lot and demands little. For this reason, it is the perfect all-round wing for mountaineering, cross-country and having fun. You can’t get more out of a lightweight paraglider.


Lightweight comfort intermediate (EN-B)


Noticeably lighter. The ION 3 light is approximately one and a half kilograms lighter than an ION 3 and approximately one half a kilogram lighter than its predecessor, the ION 2 light. This weight reduction was made possible through an intelligent mixture of materials and an optimized wing interior. The robustness of the wing remains basically the same. The advantage: the wing is lighter to carry and the reduced canopy weight has a positive influence on its extreme flight behavior.

Dependable and powerful. The ION 3 light offers everything that one expects from a lightweight wing – sorting the lines is easy; thanks to the light material the launch characteristics are even simpler and in the air the wing is pleasantly restrained. In climbing and gliding the ION 3 light convinces completely. The brakes have been optimized for precise handling in thermals.

Packed with innovations. SmartCells, Air Scoop, 3D Shaping – the ION 3 light has all the technologies we have developed through our experience of making performance intermediates. Thanks to its low aspect ratio (5.05), the ION 3 light offers a high degree of passive safety. These innovations are the result of an intensive development process which has led to high-performing and simultaneously safe wings.

Target group

The ION 3 light is a paraglider suitable for a wide range of pilots. It offers a high degree of passive safety and is suitable for use in schools (so long as your country sanctions the use of EN B wings for training). On the other hand, its performance is impressive which makes the ION 3 light a wing for all occasions: it is a fun wing which turns like a dream; a cross-country machine, tutor and gentle acrobat all in one. It is suitable for gifted beginners as well as experienced pilots with cross-country ambitions.

The ION 3 light is a wing with high passive safety and at the same time it has a lot of performance. Simply, performance for all. Your Nova dealer will be delighted to advise on the correct wing!

Wings for flyweights

As with its predecessor, the ION 2 light, we wanted to produce an ION 3 light in the XXS size, with a weight range beginning at 55kg. It was important to us not just to scale down a large wing, but to take into consideration the technical peculiarities of small wings. For example, our designers and test pilots modified the curvature of the wing and paid particular attention to ensuring that the XXS had a balanced and suitable brake configuration which matches the size of the canopy. Therefore the ION 3 light XXS is more than just a scaled-down large wing. It is a wing with its own, fully-fledged specification. This allows women and lightweight men to enjoy a performance all-rounder. Even at the lower end of the weight range the ION 3 light XXS shows its impressive agility. This is our contribution to equal opportunities in flying. Simply, performance for all.

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