Nova Bion Tandem

$ 4,700.00
SKU: Nova Bion Tandem-1

The design of the BION is characterized by a rather low aspect ratio, which leads to a very gentle collapse- and launch behavior. The short line length improves the launch behavior even more and also leads to a well balanced handling characteristic.


When airborne, the pilot will notice the smooth and agile handling characteristics of the BION. Even with a low wing loading, the glider will precisely follow the pilots steering inputs. The new trimmer system allows increasing the speed by about 10km/h. The high stability and the comfortable amount of damping stay the same. This combination of well balanced handling behavior and high stability allows enjoying long thermal flights without tiring the pilot.

The very comfortable behavior continues at the landing: The right timing for flaring is easy to find and the low minimum speed allows a smooth landing.

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