Gin Vantage Paramotor/PPG

$ 3,650.00
SKU: Gin Vantage Paramotor/PPG-1

The Vantage is the new intermediate paramotor wing from GIN, created for pilots looking for good performance and handling with the ease-of-use and security of a classic EN B paragliding wing.


The overall efficiency of the wing gives excellent performance and fuel efficiency, and the double hang-point risers with trim system is suitable for all types of suspension systems. The speed system, developed using GIN technology from competition paragliding, allows a wide speed range. The performance, sink rate and security of the Vantage also make it equally well-suited to flight without a motor. The Vantage is certified to the latest LTF 23-05 paramotoring standard and is DGAC (France) approved.

Discover performance, peace and pleasure with the Vantage…

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