Gin One G Reserve

$ 600.00


Quicker Opening Time…
Based on the Pull Down Apex design, the ONE G uses an innovative strap system which linked each panel for a quicker opening time.*
> ONE G #42 : 3.4 sec
> ONE G #38 : 2.9 sec

Better Sink Rate…
ONE G is much more stable with an incredible sink rate, compared to the previous GIN rescue*
> ONE G #42 : 4.5 m/sec
> ONE G #38 : 4.3 m/sec

Lighter to carry…
One of the main objectives during the development was to make it as light as possible, and the result is:
> ONE G #42 : 2.4kg
> ONE G #38 : 2.1kg

More stable…
The ONE G certification results show an oscillation less than 10 degrees from the vertical axis*

2 Sizes…
ONE G has wider range of weight in flight than the previous GIN rescue.
> ONE G #42 : 100 – 130 kg (42m2)
> ONE G #38 : 80 – 100 kg (38m2)

Homologation : CEN
*Certification measurements at max. weight

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