Gin Fuse Tandem

$ 4,500.00

The Fuse is a tandem paraglider for pilots who demand only the best for their passengers—and for themselves! It contains the same EPT (Equalized Pressure Technology) that’s at the heart of our XC wings. EPT means a better launch, a better landing and a better flight all-round! The Fuse is both reliable and efficient for commercial use, yet makes no compromises when flown for pure pleasure.

Technical details

• Optimized airfoil with Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) for stability, handling and performance

• Thinner profile improves take-off and reduces material weight

• Line and riser layout optimized for big ears (large area of A3 and split A-riser)

• Clamp cleat system to lock big ears in place

• Long trimmers (11cm) enable greater penetration, for example in strong valley winds. The slightly negative and large positive trimmers allow you to adjust the speed over the whole weight range.

• 20mm technora and polyester riser

• Supplied with XXL rucksack

A full range of GIN accessories designed for use with the Fuse are available: harnesses, rescues, etc.


Canopy cloth
Top surface: Dominico 30 DMF (WR) 41g/m2

Bottom surface: Dominico N20 DMF (WR) 35g/mA

Ribs: Porcher Skytex 9017 E29A (diagonal, loaded, band) / Dominico N30 DFM 32g/m2 (unloaded, half-ribs)

Upper: Edelrid 7950 (Sleeved dyneema)
Mid/Main: Edelrid 7343 (Sleeved technora aramid)

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