Freak Wingsuit

$ 2,440.00

The FREAK is the only suit with agility and precision for advanced acro / freestyle flying and also enough power and performance to handle modern wingsuit BASE jumps. Whether you are just progressing with backflying in the skydive environment or taking advanced freestyle flying into the mountains, the FREAK is the only suit that spans these disciplines of wingsuit flying.


For avid wingsuit skydivers, the FREAK is the ultimate dropzone suit. It has enough surface area to party with high performance designs and a small and agile enough feel to carve serious maneuvers at steep angles comfortably. As you steepen your angle of attack in the FREAK, the suit maintains stability and pressure, requiring little physical effort to maintain.


The FREAK is a powerful, high-performance freestyle/acro wingsuit, designed for pilots of intermediate ability and up. Our mission for the FREAK was to create a suit with a high level of agility and ease of use, yet with enough power and glide performance for high speed formation flights and technical wingsuit BASE jumps.


This is not your average acro suit! The FREAK is the ultimate dropzone toy, and a powerful tool for expert wingsuit BASE jumpers who want to take big mountain freestyle flying to the next level.


  • Fast, Easy Backflying
  • XRW, Backfly XRW
  • Steep Angle Flying
  • High Speed Formation Flights
  • Massive Flare Power
  • Highly BASE Capable
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