Dynamic Full Face Helmet

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Dynamic Full Face Helmet by Bonehead Composites

Designed with dynamic flying in mind and the need to have unrestricted movement and visibility in every position your head can turn… The Dynamic comes in FOUR shell sizes to accommodate all head sizes, from tiny kids to giant heads!


In order to keep the helmet as low-profile as possible while improving the field of view, compared to the already-wide Aero, we designed the helmet to have three shell sizes. After designing the main shell of most common sizes (Shell #2; small through large), flying, adjusting and flying a whole lot more we achieved our goals and finalized the design.  From there, each size shell was designed separately to address the unique needs of those less-common sizes. For the small heads and especially the little ones, we  increased the width of the lower chin portion of the shell so that it adequately covers their very different size. For those in the big-melon category  the shape matters just as much as head circumference; wide and long are different even if the measurements are the same. For the largest shell  (#3) the chin was brought out just a smidge with the same width of the Aero that fits the more  bulbous heads.   The liner and collar were also designed specific to each shell and still uses our standard adjustable liner system for your custom fit.