Dynamic Full Face Helmet

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Designed with dynamic flying in mind and the need to have unrestricted movement and visibility in every position your head can turn…

Current Lead time is 4 - 6 weeks.

In order to keep the helmet as low-profile as possible while improving the field of view, compared to the already-wide Aero, we designed the helmet to have three shell sizes. After designing the main shell of most common sizes (Shell #2; small through large), flying, adjusting and flying a whole lot more we achieved our goals and finalized the design.  From there, each size shell was designed separately to address the unique needs of those less-common sizes. For the small heads and especially the little ones, we  increased the width of the lower chin portion of the shell so that it adequately covers their very different size. For those in the big-melon category  the shape matters just as much as head circumference; wide and long are different even if the measurements are the same. For the largest shell (#3) the chin was brought out just a smidge with the same width of the Aero that fits the more bulbous heads.   The liner and collar were also designed specific to each shell and still uses our standard adjustable liner system for your custom fit.


Visor System

The Dynamic features our Lever-Loc visor system that is modification on our design of the strong Aero locking mechanism, but with a lever that releases  the spring-loaded lock. These aluminum visor locks provide consistent and easy openings and secure the visor strongly in place. The helmet is great for those who wear glasses* and has the widest field of view of any skydiving helmet on the market today (sorry Aero, we have a new title-holder now). The visors are anti-fog coated and designed to allow the air flow around the visor inside the helmet.

Field of View

You should not see the helmet in your peripheral vision at all . *For really tiny and huge sizes YMMV*


There are no exposed screws on the exterior of the helmet, so you don't need to worry about wearing it in the tunnel or having to waste Gaffers tape.

Cutaway & Collar

Securing the helmet incorporates a cord drawn collar and cut away buckle.

Collar adjustments are made by simply pulling slack in the cord and re-knotting. The collar is made from wetsuit neoprene, and can easily be replaced without the need for any messy glue.


The unique design of the back of the Dynamic allows for hair in a bun, ponytail or the like to fit comfortably inside the helmet without feeling any pressure. *May require a simple liner adjustment*

Sizes and shells:

To determine your size measure the circumference of your head, just above your eyebrows.




Very Tiny


18" to 19.25"



19.25" to 20.25"

Very Extra Small


20.25" to 21.25"

Extra Small


21.25" to 21.75"



21.75" - 22.25"



22.25" - 22.75"



22.75" -  23.25"

Extra Large


23.25" - 23.75"

Extra Extra Large


23.75" - 24.00"

Just Huge





Other Stuff…

  • Weight: 1.7 lbs
  • While the Aero accommodates glasses well, the Aero is better suited for larger-style glasses or sunglasses where the width of the frames is wider than the width of your head.
  • WOMEN: This content was written by a female skydiver with long hair often in a bun and who wears glasses. And I think it's worth noting that with a woman's unique features and hair style and preferences when it comes to jumping, it feels like this helmet was made for me.