Cypres2 Speed

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CYPRES - The same safety for jumps with an extreme descent rate.

You are an experienced canopy pilot, and you are looking for the extra challenge of a sophisticated swooping maneuver? The Speed CYPRES 2 is the perfect choice for you. Regardless if you are in freefall or must cutaway after a canopy collision - the Speed CYPRES 2 provides you with the reliable safety at the time of extreme descent rates in the critical area between approx 225 and 100 meters (approx 750 - 330 feet).

Standard Settings:

Activation speed: approx. >96 mph (43 m/s) (for units which have not been updated after 1.1.2013)
  approx. >102 mph (46 m/s) (for new units after 1.1.2013 or units which have been updated at maintenance / service after 1.1.2013)
Activation altitude: approx. 750 - 330 ft (225 - 100 meter)
Disarming altitude: approx. 330 ft (100 meter)
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