Cypres2 Changable Mode

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For the professional user

The changeable MODE CYPRES 2 is the next step in our AAD technology and combines the CYPRES proverbial “Reliability made in Germany“ with the desire for enhanced application flexibility.

•    flexible mode change in the field
•    safe setting procedure
•    unwanted mode change blocked

The customer can switch between the modes (Expert - Student - Tandem - Speed) on his own. E.g. this is helpfull for swapping units between sport, tandem and school rigs. A sophisticated handling procedure for the Mode Change prevents from an unintentional setting. All handling is fully identical to all other CYPRES.
When the unit is on, the setting is always indicated by a digit below the appropriate engraved mode.

Identification of the changeable MODE CYPRES 2 is the magenta button with the white imprint "changeable MODE".

Special Parameter:

Activation speed: accordingly to the selected mode
Activation altitude: accordingly to the selected mode
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