Comm-It Flight Helmet

$ 750.00

The Comm-It Flight Helmet

The Comm-It Flight Helmet is our entry-level flight helmet. The low-profile Comm-It helmet includes CEPs for communications. This helmet is a cost effective option for pilots needing a helmet communications without all of the bells and whistles of a full flight helmet.

 The shell features a quick release chin strap buckle and adjustable strap, nape strap and Velcro-fastened adjustable liner.

 The Comm-It comes standard with CEPs and has the following customizable options:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Boom side
  • Single-plug or 2-plug cord

 The helmets come painted in a single color; however, you can order custom designs for an additional charge.

 There are no visor options for the Comm-It, but it can be worn with sunglasses or goggles.

 Sizing (head circumference)

 Extra small - 21.25-21.75"

Small - 21.75-22.25"

Medium - 22.25-22.75"

Large - 22.75-23.25"

Extra Large - 23.25-23.75"

XXL - 23.75-24.00"

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