CC2 Helmet by Tonfly

$ 555.00


1.  Head circumference (between 53 cm and 63 cm).

2.  Chin cup strap color (same color options as helmet shell).  If not specified, it will be ordered in the same color as the helmet shell.***

Options available: Chin Cup + Cutaway System, TF Pro Mount, External Audible Port.


This is the ideal helmet for professional videoman who wants everything on top!

The extraordinary fit gives incredible stability on the head.

Shell: Carbon fiber composite.  Inner liners: eva & antiallergic fabric.  Top platform: carbon fiber composite

Comes with 2 platforms.

Weight: 980 grams

TF camera mount system allows to quickly connect and disconnect any device with one easy movement. 

Carbon fiber composite platform: 13.5 cm x 20 cm.  Optional big platform: 17.5 cm x 21 cm.  4.5 mm thickness.

Various brackets and mounts for different setups.

Cutaway system available.


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