Advance Strapless Harness

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SKU: Advance Strapless Harness-1

The Strapless weighs only 190 grams and is intended for hikers and mountain climbers who make no compromise when it comes to weight and volume. The ultralight design comes without shoulder straps, and the pilot’s rucksack replaces this function. A Velcro loop on the back of the harness joins the two. The Strapless for purists is certified for weights up to 110 kgs.

Optional STRAPLESS extras:

  • Speedkit for attaching a speedloop, with speed lines, four low-friction-rings, two stoppers and two brummel hooks


Light, Lighter, STRAPLESS

The STRAPLESS was designed with the slogan “As much as necessary, as little as possible” in mind. In other words: the ultralight harness has been reduced to its bare essentials, and the absence of shoulder straps saves 20% weight, for example. Comfortable leg pads and an upright sitting position prevent a heavy rucksack from tipping the pilot back. This makes the STRAPLESS surprisingly comfortable in flight, despite its concept for purists.

Straightforward to use

It’s not just the design, but the STRAPLESS is simple to deal with in all respects. A Velcro loop goes through the rucksack carrying handle.  Put the rucksack on and the back of the harness is automatically in its correct position. Now close the Getup-System; the risers are easy and safe to clip in using the EASY CONNECT SYSTEM LIGHT, and you’re ready to go!

Square, practical, good…

The STRAPLESS comes in its own light ADVANCE bag and can be folded in a couple of quick actions. The resulting flat shape means it is sure to fit in the smallest rucksack. Also useful is the optional Speedkit for fitting the ultralight harness with a speed loop.

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