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The Advance SIGMA 9 isn an EN C cross country intermediate glider that excels in maximum performance and precision. New technology incorporated into the design has yielded high performance and safety.

The Advance Sigma 9 has less aspect ratio and weight, more performance and precision – that is the SIGMA 9. The newest version of the long SIGMA tradition has the smallest aspect ratio of the current EN C class, yet is a winner with maximal performance despite its marked compactness. To perfectly coordinate these opposites was a great challenge for our development and test team. Countless test and comparison flights were made with competitors’ products to make sure that the new SIGMA 9 would be the most comprehensive wing in the C class. In our opinion it’s a great package for ambitious cross country pilots who put value on sporty and dynamic handling.

The SIGMA 9/25 weighs 4.9 kg, absolutely the lightest wing in its class. It is all of 700gm lighter than the SIGMA 8. The SIGMA 9 weight lies between a light wing and a normal wing. For this SIGMA we are exclusively using high quality European Porcher cloth, which has a very long lifespan. A light paraglider can be packed small and is light to carry, but the low canopy mass also has a beneficial effect on take off behaviour, handling and passive safety. Lower canopy momentum means that the wing tends to shoot forward less in flight, and requires lower brake forces to control it.

Advantages of lower mass: ƒ

– better takeoff behavior

-ƒ lower packed volume

– less weight to carry ƒ

-better handling ƒ

-better extreme flight behavior

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