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Chrigel Maurer and Sebastian Huber chose the Advance OMEGA XALPS for the 2015 X-Alps: and a good choice it was. These two exceptional pilots achieved first and second! They flew more than 1000 kilometers in seven days, under very challenging conditions. This shows the sort of high average speed that is routinely possible with this wing. The EN/LTF D certified OMEGA XALPS is the perfect wing for cross country pilots with ambitions.

Pushing forward

The OMEGA XALPS plays its best cards while accelerated in turbulent air. The pilot then enjoys the advantages of high structural stability with balanced pitch behavior. The speed system is perfectly tuned to the wing profile, and the easy-to-push speed loop helps to keep the speed up. The highest value card is the exceptional top speed, actually flyable in bumpy conditions.

What’s inside helps a lot

Computer-analysed structural weight-optimisation is an ADVANCE State-of-the-Art method used in all the serial wings. This technology was further refined for the OMEGA XALPS – specifically directed at achieving minimum weight, in some detail. The use of fabric inside the wing has been considerably pared down. New, multiple slash diagonals are narrower than ever, and the Ripstop weave of every strip exactly aligned with the computed tension vector. This achieves maximum robustness, shape stability and lifespan.

Good climbing

For its relatively low wing area the OMEGA XALPS climbs very well and has a great glide. Both of these qualities are essential for outstanding cross country flying, not forgetting a successful X-Alps attempt. Chrigel Maurer makes this point: “While you circle, 50% is in the wrong direction”.

  • The total concept of the wing is new, and concerns itself with the compromise of light canopy weight and high performance.
  • The wing delivers a successful combination of low weight with very good climbing qualities and a super feeling in thermals.
  • It has been my absolute privilege to be able to share my wishes and ideas with the ADVANCE development team, and fly and evaluate the prototypes – until the wing was ready.
  • At just 3.15 kg in my size it must surely be the lightest X-Alps wing ever made!
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