Advance BiBeta 5

$ 4,700.00

Advance BiBeta 5 – Share your passion for flying, and the joy and fun of it. As a BIBETA 5 pilot you and your passenger can enjoy a stress free takeoff, and embark on a flight that instils confidence and that important sense of airborne well-being. The BIBETA 5 impresses with its excellent takeoff qualities – a brief impulse and the canopy is climbing steadily above you and your passenger. Even in difficult takeoff conditions the BIBETA 5 is a companion you can fully rely on.

The inner construction of this BIBETA has been further improved: weight-efficient structure and the introduction of Nylon wires make the wing lighter, leading to better performance and more precise handling. Also fitted with performance-enhancing trimmers and the well-tried Vary-Grip big ears system, the BIBETA 5 stands for efficiency and precision.

The BIBETA 5 is EN/LTF approved, one size (weight range: 120kg – 225kg)

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