Kiss Helmet

$ 200.00
SKU: Kiss Helmet-1

The Kiss helmet is a multi-discipline, state-of-the-art, high-performance helmet.  It features a 2mm thick polycarbonate lens with full mouth exposure, panoramic visibility an anti-fog ventilation system. It's an ideal choice for many freefall disciplines, including Relative Work, Freeflying, Angle Tracking and Wingsuiting.

The KISS also features a NEW Quick-Tight Latch Closure System utilizing two levers to tighten or loosen the helmet on the user’s head. Simply pop the levers closed prior to exit and your helmet is secure!

This helmet boasts integrated dual audible altimeter pockets with exterior access.  Jumpers will appreciate the easy access!


  • Anti-fog ventilation system
  • Quick-Tight Latch Closure System
  • Dual audible altimeter pockets with exterior access
  • Full mouth exposure
  • Panoramic visibility
  • 2mm thick polycarbonate lens for superior protection

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