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Altimaster N3 Altimeter


Altimaster N3 Altimeter
The Altimaster Neptune 3, or "N3," is the latest digital visual and audible altimeter by Alti-2.
  • An anodized aluminum case
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Mini-USB connection
  • Rugged, impact-resistant glass lens
  • Waterproof
  • Stores 2500 summary logs and 200 detailed logs
  • 8 selectable alarm groups
  • Ability to customize alarm tones and measurement units
  • Ability to name DZ, Aircraft, and alarm settings

    Approach alarms are available under canopy, or you can customize the tone sequences using the companion software. Altitude, speed, and temperature measurement units can be set independently, making the N3 adaptable to the units of measure in use anywhere in the world. It comes with all the accessories needed for a variety of mounting options.

    Available in black only. Includes wrist mount, hand mount, audible mount/cover, wall charger and USB computer connection cable.