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So you've decided to step it up from your Sabre2...

The Katana is a fully elliptical nine cell canopy that is the ride of a lifetime for the experienced canopy pilot. Warning: this canopy is not for the faint of heart. Soft smooth openings, long control range, steep dive, light front riser pressure and powerful flare makes the Katana an excellent choice for those looking for the canopy to push their piloting to the next level. From the 83 square foot wing to the 170 the Katana will provide the canopy pilot with the ride they are looking for now, and tool to continue to hone their piloting skills for years to come.

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A USPA D License or equivalent is required to buy this canopy, please enter your number when checking out. All purchases of this canopy will be verified by Gravity Gear before the sale will be finalized.