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Bullet GT Speedflying Canopy by Ozone



Bullet GT Speedflying Canopy by Ozone

The Bullet GT is the newest Ozone Speed design and their answer for canopy pilots who want a wing with maximum speed and stability with minimum glide. If you like the current 10m and 12m wings available, but want something with a bit more speed and dive that is still comfortable to launch and land, then the Bullet GT is for you.

The biggest difference between the Bullet GT and the Bullet 09 is the glide ratio. A more parachute-like profile and lower aspect ratio means low glide performance, which is ideal for swooping close to even the steepest parts of the mountain. The high stability of this profile means that canopy pilots can fly close and fast with confidence. A specially adapted brake arrangement and plan form yields ultra precise handling for fine tuning your glide path in steep terrain.

The Bullet GT has a steeper trim, full diagonals, a lower aspect ratio, and no mylar in the leading edge. All of these things give the wing less glide performance and higher speed, particularly in turns. So when you bank it up, the GT carves down the hill as much as you want it to, keeping you in the action. The GT is available only in the 7.7m and 9.8m sizes.

  • TOTALLY NEW DESIGN, not related to any other existing speed wing
  • Wide glide range available with brakes
  • Highly stable profile
  • Ultra Precise handling for flying close to terrain
  • Available in 7.7m and 9.8m sizes
  • New water tolerant lines and highly packable