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ParaSport Evo STI



ParaSport Evo STI
The same great EVO open-face freefly helmet you know and love with a great new accessory detail: an instrument holder that allows the audible to pop out in seconds. Your instrument is mounted and removed from the inside of the helmet so there is NO WAY that you can lose it in freefall. Want to use the freefall computer in another helmet or on your wrist? No problem: you can change it out while you are running to the plane. It also makes for ease when downloading info to your computer. The STI is designed specifically for the Skytronic FX. The IAS model will accommodate the ProDytter, ProTrack, Optima, Viso, Solo, or Neptune units.

Sizing Chart:
Small (21.25-21.75")
Medium (22-22.5")
Large (22.625-23")
XLarge (23.25"-23.75")
XXLarge (23.875-24.125")

Please Choose Model:
STI (Skytronic)
IAS (L&B and/or Alti-2 audibles)