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Vision by Aerodyne



Vision by Aerodyne
Once again the Aerodyne development team refused to be bound by the "status quo". We wanted to address more than just the aerodynamics of high performance. Many who have preceded us have done this. We feel an equally important need to address the emotional side of canopy flight. How does the canopy feel, how does it respond to your commands, does it feel natural in flight, does it instill confidence? We want our designs to be extensions of the pilot, canopies that feel and look as good in flight as they do on a computer model, maybe even better. Is that possible? We know it is! This canopy is the embodiment of that goal. What better name for it than after the "Vision" that inspired us? The Vision is the canopy for those of you who share this desire with us. Those who want a bit more…faster turns, higher speeds and longer swoops in a canopy that feels as though it can almost anticipate what you want it to do. We refer to this as "a natural feeling of high performance flight". What does this mean? Our best recommendation is to say: "Go out and try one for yourself". Imagine the feel of flying a high performance canopy that is in tune with its pilot. Experience a Vision of flight, as you never have before. The Aerodyne Vision.

  • Utilizes the same advanced aerodynamic inlet as the ultra-high performance Amax
  • Comes standard with 725 lbs. Spectra lines, soft links and a slider with new "super lightweight" stainless steel grommets
  • A high performance canopy designed for experienced pilots
  • High performance with a natural in-flight feel
  • Small pack volume