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Alti-2 N3Audio



Alti-2 N3Audio
The latest offering from Alti-2, the N3Audio is a digital audible altimeter (NOT a visual altimeter), designed to integrate with your mp3 player. The N3Audio uses your headphones (not included) to "speak" your current altitude, so you always know where you're at. In freefall it will tell you when you've reached breakoff and deployment altitudes with preprogramed messages, or record and use your own .wav files (a third hard deck alarm is an unchangeable flat line tone). Under canopy the N3Audio also has landing pattern alarms for your downwind, base, and final turn-in altitudes to help you set up a more precise landing pattern.

The N3Audio features:
  • Preset verbal freefall and canopy alarms, with adjustable volume
  • The ability to download or record your own .wav files
  • Seamlessly integrates with your mp3 player (also NOT included)
  • Eight alarm groups that each have alarm altitudes which may be set independently
  • Constructed from an anodized aluminum case with a toughened glass lens
  • Clickable flush buttons
  • USB rechargeable
  • USB interface to PC
  • Waterproof up to six feet for up to one hour
  • Logs 200+ jump profiles and 2,500+ summaries, along with a total jump odometer
  • Electroluminescent backlight so you can utilize the menus even at night (since the N3A is NOT a visual altimeter, the backlight will not remain lit during a night jump)