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L & B Viso Elastic Mount



L & B Viso Elastic Mount
Durable & comfortable elastic emblazoned with the L&B logo, the VISO II Elastic Wrist Mount keeps your altimeter secure to your wrist comfortably using the stretchy fabric. The VISO II Elastic Wrist Mount is integrated with a special pocket specifically for use with VISO II digital altimeter. Available only in black and comes with the L&B Altimeter Tool for inserting & extracting your VISO II. Please choose from 4 sizes: S-M-L-XL.

Here are the inside measurements when the band is slack (L&B recommend that it is stretched no more than 1-2 cm for a comfortable fit):
  • Small - 14 cm circumference
  • Medium - 16 cm circumference
  • Large - 18 cm circumference
  • X-Large - 19 cm circumference