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Altimaster Neptune 2



Altimaster Neptune 2
The Altimaster Neptune 2 was designed in response to requests from pond swoopers wanting a waterproof altimeter, from AFF instructors wanting a digital readout, from jumpers who wanted an easier way to program their digital instruments.

  • Waterproof, not just water resistant, in up to 6ft of water for up to an hour
  • User friendly menu system
  • Automatically changes to GROUND, AIRCRAFT, FREEFALL and CANOPY modes
  • Display can be electronically flipped for wear on either hand
  • Electroluminescent backlight
  • Selectable units: feet or meters
  • Audible Alarm Details
  • Four groups of personalized audible alarm settings
  • Canopy alarms adjustable in 10' increments
  • Freefall alarms adjustable in 100' increments
  • Detailed logbook to record your skydives electronically
  • Logs CRW, wingsuit, hop & pop, and high altitude jumps
  • Infrared interface for downloading log to Paralog client software
  • Automatic calibration for DZ altitude (manual override is available)
  • 40,000+ feet MSL altitude range
  • Altitude is measured 16 times a second to ensure accuracy
  • Training mode simulates normal freefall and descent rate for normal deployment, high speed and low speed malfunctions
  • Uses 1 commonly available DL2450 battery

    All Neptunes come with the following accessories standard:
  • hand mount
  • wrist mount
  • Velcro wrist strap for use with hand mount or wrist mount
  • helmet clip
  • two cable ties for attaching helmet clip
  • mounting screws & washers
  • 2 batteries (1 needed for operation, 1 spare)

    Available only in black