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Yak Speedflying Canopy by Gin Gliders



Yak Speedflying Canopy by Gin Gliders
The ultra-light speedflying glider

The Yak is the ultimate toy for mountain lovers, an outrageous amount of pure fun packed into a tiny package of just over 2 kilos. Gin Gliders have produced this speedwing drawing on all their knowledge and experience of light weight paragliding.

Ultra-easy to inflate, this speed glider makes it easy to become airborne, and to land in a wide range of conditions. Its trim range allows you to decrease the glide ratio for a fast morning descent, or to increase it for a spot of afternoon soaring. Even thermalling is possible with the big sizes. Be safe, go fast! Take your boots, crampons and hiking poles and let's go to play!

The Yak is delivered with the new Yeti harness in two versions:
  • wing + ultra-light Yeti bag (40L)
  • wing + ultra-light Yeti convertible harness/bag (40L)
  • wing + ultra-light Yeti harness & GIN Alpine bag (50L)