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Since its release, the Stiletto has become the most sought after high performance "elliptical" nine cell canopy in the world...

Whether it's the soft openings, responsiveness, extremely fast rate of turn, flat glide, or incredible landing capabilities, the Stiletto is the canopy of choice for those pilots who have taken the time (and jumps) to hone their piloting skill.

The Stiletto has been the canopy flown by more national and world champions than any other canopy in the world. From formation skydiving to free flying, Blade Running™ to skysurfing the Stiletto has become the canopy of choice for pilots who desire a canopy that performs as well after opening as they perform in free fall. The Stiletto is that canopy. If you are ready for the transition from what you currently fly, to the canopy regarded as the premiere high performance elliptical in the world...the Stiletto is ready for you.

The Performance Designs Stiletto...All out Performance!

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