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You will never look at a seven 7-cell canopy the same way again...

Forget anything you have ever heard or experienced. The Spectre is unlike any other canopy you have ever seen! In its first months after release, this tapered, zero porosity seven cell has already become one of the most popular canopies ever produced.

Feedback from skydivers around the world tell the story:

How are the openings? "Slow, soft and on-heading"..., "awesome"..., "incredible"..., "the best I've ever had"..., "why don't all parachutes open like this"

How was it to fly? "quick turns"..., "very, very stable"..., "glides better than my nine cell"..., "great diving front riser turns"..., "solid in deep brakes"

How are the landings?... "swoops better than my nine cell"..., "great landings, even in brakes"..., "the best landings I've ever had, in all conditions"

How was it for CRW?..."solid in stacks"..., "handled hard docks extremely well"..., "rotations were great, straight down the back and dock."

All this and smaller pack volume as well...need we say more?

The Performance Designs Spectre:Versatile? Yes! Predictable? Yes! Fun? Of Course!

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