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Advancer V-12



Advancer V-12
Experience the revolution in functional military eye protection. Equipped with the patented Adjustable Ventilation System (AVS) technology, the Advancer V-12's ballistic lenses open and close to regulate ventilation and filtration. For the first time ever, a goggle can adapt to its environment with a simple click of the lenses, increasing or decreasing airflow on the move.

2-Lens Version Includes:
An Advancer V-12 goggle with Clear & Smoke Gray lenses, a protective Lens Pod, an anti-reflective SpeedSleeve and a protective V-12 Hard Case or protective V-12 Soft Case

3-Lens Version Includes:
An Advancer V-12 goggle with Clear, Smoke Gray & Hi-Def Yellow lenses, two protective Lens Pods, an anti-reflective SpeedSleeve, and a protective V-12 Soft Case

ESS's patented Adjustable Ventilation System (AVS) Technology is a revolution in functional eye protection. “Advancing” lenses click forward to initiate maximum airflow and eliminate lens fogging, or snap closed to seal out sand, dust, and debris.

The Advancer V-12’s 2.8mm polycarbonate high-impact lenses are fully interchangeable, providing the ability to quickly adapt to any light condition or replace damaged lenses. Replacement lenses are available in Hi-Def Yellow, Clear, and Smoke Gray. All Advancer lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB Protection.

The patented SideWinder Strap Outriggers pivot forward to position the strap for maximum compatibility with helmets and to ensure that the goggle seals comfortably on the face, with or without a helmet.