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The Siliring stowing band is represents an innovative idea to stow suspension lines.

Made of silicone modified for this specific use, Silirings are available in different sizes to obtain the best result according to the type of suspension lines in use.

Following the instructions printed on the package will allow a safe use of this product for several jumps, recognizing in most of the cases a sensible improvement in parachute opening quality.

* Made of silicone, highly consistent in extremely different environments, from very hot, to very cold, from very humid, to very dry
* Don't get sticky or dirty, and have a comfortable elasticity. Moreover, the material doesn't have memory, and even when elongated for some time, it will return promptly to its original size
* Specifically shaped to stow suspension lines, with a round section, holding the stows in place even at lower tensions
* Have a very interesting cost/use, and a wide range of sizes to be adapted to any bag/suspension lines combination, including tandems
* Manufactured in bright orange, for easier check of stows
* Each size is clearly marked to be easily recognized
* Operating temperature: -40 .. +460 F (-40 .. 240 C)
* Storage: 20 years

Notes: 1) It is suggested to use two different sizes on the same bag, the larger where the line stows are thicker (before the cascades), and the smaller for the last stows. 2) The table lists suggested sizes. Sizes to be used depend on the effective type of suspension lines, the brand and size of the bag, and by your own packing skills and habits.

WARNING! Use of incorrect size or too long line stows may create bag-lock malfunctions or out of sequence openings. Always refer to manufacturer's manual for packing instructions.