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The Altitron Digital Altimeter is an advanced instrument offering new functions, but has been designed for ease of use. Its backlighted, high contrast display has been specifically developed to be clearly readable in all lighting conditions, while the compact and ergonomic case allows the unit to be used on wrist, hand or inside the transparent arm pocket of your jumpsuit. Using a common type of battery, easy to find everywhere, the Altitron is able to store information about the last 300 jumps, as well as statistical information including the number of jumps and total freefall time. It also serves as a watch/calendar and ambient thermometer. Always ready to jump, its low power consumption stand-by mode allows months of operation before you need to change the battery.

The Altitron can be configured to show altitude or speed while in freefall. When used as speedometer, the instrument will switch automatically to altimeter mode below a user selectable breakoff altitude.

The Altitron is designed to be strong and well protected by a 2mm sturdy and thick anti-scratch and anti-shock methacrylate glass, offering no optical distortion. Units of measure, mode, date format, are all user configurable to adapt the unit to skydiver's habit.

* Double function: altimeter and speedometer
* Wide size custom designed figures
* Manual setting of ground reference allowed
* Three buttons to select all functions

* Information about the last 300 jumps are automatically recorded by the unit
* Information logged for each jump: number of jump, date and time, temperature, exit and deployment altitudes, freefall time, maximum and average freefall speeds, time and maximum speed under the open canopy
* The logbook can be reset at anytime
* Initial jump number and total freefall time can be set while resetting logbook

* Historical information: highest freefall speed, lowest deployment altitude, highest exit altitude
* Counts jumps made
* Totals freefall time

* Microprocessor based Skydiving Altimeter
* Wide size backlighted LCD
* Intuitive user interface
* Real time altitude or speed indicator
* Altitude range 0-33,000 ft. (0-10.000 meters)
* Sturdy and thick glass, made of a special resin, shock and scratch resistant
* Foam padded wrist band included
* Water resistant
* Self-calibration, no power-on, low power consumption
* Altitude break off selection
* Choice of measurement unit (ft/mt, kmh/mph, C/F, dates as day/month/year or month/day/year)
* Statistics: number of jumps, total freefall time, highest exit altitude, lowest deployment altitude, highest freefall speed
* Jumps log (last 300 jumps): date, time, exit altitude, deployment altitude, freefall time, maximum and average freefall speed
* Battery status indicator
* Batteries: 1 x AAA (Alkaline, High Energy, etc.)
* Size: 62 x 63 x 11.5 mm